The Morris Family Difference

Our History and Trusted Standards

Serving families since 1855 has given us generations of experience in caring for families at the most delicate and difficult times they face in life.

What this means for you, is that we are familiar with honoring long-held traditions and we are uniquely qualified and open to help families create new experiences that many families are seeking to have.

At Morris Family Services, you are encouraged to share your ideas and tell us what you need.

  • Openness to personal choices
  • Attention to cultural and religious traditions
  • Sensitivity to financial concerns
  • Professionalism, always

The Story of the Tulip

Tulip commonly means “perfect love” or “eternal love.”

Morris Family has recognized the tulip as its brand, as it represents elegance and grace. We celebrate so many beautiful stories and people, and for those who believe, our faith tells us at death, the soul enters into Eternal Rest. Tulips are prominently displayed during Easter, when seasons change from Winter to Spring. As death creates a new season for many, our hope is to have eased that burden, even if only a little.

The tulip was also a favorite flower of Nathan’s late grandfather, Mr. Frank B. Harris, a mentor to his grandson and believer in Eternal Life. May this tulip be a symbol of honor and allegiance to all who lay eyes on it. May those who wear the tulip lapel, do so with pride and eagerness to serve compassionately.